Story of Light

Adhya Educational Society has been involved in innovation in pedagogy and teaching methods for the last 4 years and the public installation was an important step in engaging and involving the public in understanding our shared history with other cultures through the influence of light. While, many people are used to art shows and exhibits, "The Story of Light: A Spectacle" was a different kind of art using installations, art that provides "Out of the world sensory experience out of ordinary life "implying dissolution of the line between "art" and "life".

"The Spectacle" is a public installation that was free for all to attend and an informal learning exhibit set up with the intention to create a sublime learning environment at the crosstalk between art, science and the over whelming human story. The exhibit allowed for introspection for young and old alike in understanding social and cultural issues in contemporary times and to seek solutions at the intersection of science, culture and art. Is the spectacle of human civilization possible because of light? Is light only external or is there a connection between external sources of light and our internal consciousness?

The Spectacle was showcased at the Story of Light festival in Goa from January 14th–18th, 2015 attracting over 15,000 visitors followed by a 10-day event at Walden's Path, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad from January 31st–February 9th 2015 attracting 5000 visitors. The exhibit engaged and enthralled the audience apart from creating an understanding of how the spectacle of human civilization has moved in space-time constructs. The public installation was put in place using black lights and glow in the dark pigments. As the audience walked through the spectacle of the kaleidoscope, they formed a connection between science, social issues, culture and life.

"We have used fluorescent paints and UV lights to create what is called a sublime (outstanding) environment for everyone to learn and enjoy "The Story of Light". It is truly a Spectacle to be a part of!" — Dr.Madhulika.S, President, Adhya Educational Society

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