The Story So Far

Pilot Results

The pilot conducted by Adhya Educational Society between June 2011 and November 2011 was aimed at improving speaking, reading and writing proficiency in English with a group of 33 children in the age group of 12-14 years. A methodology involving arts based learning involving drawing, painting, puppetry, theatre, creative writing and other local art and craft forms was developed to make a connection between the local language and English. Thus, development of expression in English was formed out of an understanding of local arts and crafts. Similarly, the whole curriculum was spiralled with arts and crafts to teach parts of speech, tenses and to develop a context for usage of English in reference to their own lived experience. The learners went from learning English alphabets in June 2011 to 30% of the students earning 'A' grade and 30% 'B' grade in an evaluation that included all parts of speech and tenses in November 2011.

The same methodology was used with 29 children at a home for urban deprived children (Fig 1). The children made significant progress from pre kindergarten skills in February 2012 and by the end of May 2012, 4 children reached proficiency levels at second standard level with the remaining children at first standard levels.

Figure 1
Fig 1: Graph showing grade level proficiency of children according to age.
Figure 2
Fig 2: Adhya students' progress in Mathematics.
Figure 3
Fig 3: High achievement program at Adhya.

Accelerated Learning Program

Bridge Program at Kothaguda ZP

Adhya currently engages about 25 children through Accelerated Learning Program/Bridge Program focused on English, Science and Mathematics Proficiency development among children in the 8th grade level at Kothaguda ZP High School.


Research Model


Current Programs

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