Entrepreneurship Workshop: Grades 6 to 9

GOAL: To inculcate awareness and passion among teenagers and youth in India about entrepreneurship through experiential program in entrepreneurship education.

OBJECTIVES: As a result of the six sessions spread over a span of 3 months, learners will be able to

  • Define social and financial changes required and relate to choices and consequences through entrepreneurship
  • Explain and summarize how entrepreneurship leads to become creative, inventive and innovative
  • Guide one to reflect on oneself and make appropriate choices related to career development


  • Identify and list the life changes required to be an entrepreneur.
  • State and describe one's values and relate choices and consequences in society through type of entrepreneurship chosen.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of issues around our lives and assess how entrepreneurship improvises the gap to improve society.
  • Compare and contrast various career opportunities available and outline a roadmap to reach the goal through self-initiative.
  • Construct own knowledge about issues in society and perceptions about such entrepreneurial contexts and create opportunities for oneself to overcome such barriers.
  • Prioritize and reframe goals and objectives and exhibit assessment of various opportunities available and interpret according to context.

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