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Outreach: Arts as Education

Empathy Project Gift Compassion

Adhya also facilitates Project Gift Compassion, an empathy project across 75 schools reaching 25,000 children. It is a research based project focused on building bridges among schools and communities. Project Gift Compassion, initiated by Adhya Educational Society, is a project that brings schools across the city of Hyderabad, India on a single platform. The motto of the project is to overcome the social barriers existing in the society and to facilitate the idea of sharing and the act of giving among the young impressionable minds.

Project Gift Compassion


Science Education

Adhya Educational Society reaches out and identifies schools interested in participating in project “Gift Compassion”. Followed by this, Adhya Educational Society Facilitators go to every participating school and along with the teachers at each school engage students in science experiments on a given day by the schools. For eg. Children can be engaged in making greeting cards using science concepts, art work in science, Origami and science, collages, experiments etc. to be gifted to other children at other schools. This year the aim is at developing a child’s logical thinking and creative abilities through science. They would be required to perform scientific experiments as per their age groups, wherein, the result of the experiment would become a gift. Adhya Educational Society will pair up schools in the exchange project resulting in a Gift exchange and Reflection session.

Mathematics Education

Our Mathematics education programs are ongoing at three low income private schools reaching 500 students. Adhya has been using Origami for the last two years for Mathematics; we have now started using Tribal art to teach Mathematics. Apart from paintings and tribal art, the children are also engaged in using collage for knowledge construction. Connections between Mathematics and Creative writing are being established using Collage as an art form. A few children have developed good skill in Poetry and Creative writing as well!

Language Literacy

Adhya's Accelerated Learning program has been able to innovate in English learning using local language, culture and way of life for children of all ages. Adhya Educational Society has developed a unique model of curriculum and Instruction for grade appropriate English proficiency that can be achieved in very short periods of time. The baseline programs evaluate and assess the current standards for students and the bridge program facilitates movement from kindergarten levels (proficiency among middle and high school students in public schools) to 6th-7th standard levels in 12 months.

Global Culture and Social Studies

Adhya specializes in spectacle pedagogy creating public installations to engage the community at large in complicated conversations about the relationship between science and culture. For e.g., The spectacle that Adhya is creating for the "Story of Light" festival creates a sublime experience at the interface of art, science and the story of light in the context of human civilization. The public installation will be a live kaleidoscope that people will walk into to experience the story of light from the perspective of the human civilization. The story will be told from the anthropological perspective of the story of humans, their celebrations, rituals and practices, habits and habitats, folklore etc. The exhibit will engage and enthrall the audience apart from creating an understanding of how the spectacle of human civilization has moved in space-time constructs. The public installation will be put in place using black lights and glow in the dark pigments. As the audience walks through the spectacle of the kaleidoscope, they form a connection between science, social issues, culture and life.


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