Education Model

Our belief about education

We at Adhya Academy believe in teaching and learning in a continuum using arts, culture and environment in multiple perspectives. Learning at Adhya Academy is based on interpreting lived experience, giving a voice to the child's creativity, passion and in development of ethics and life skills through service and lifelong learning.

Learning is facilitated by revisiting concepts at different times in different ways; i.e., learning is facilitated ‘with space and time’ rather than ‘in space and time’. This facilitates the movement from rote learning to critical thinking and creativity; thus, enabling teachers as well as students to reach their potential.

All subjects including mathematics, general combined science, social studies, etc., are taught in unique perspectives. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions through arts and performances apart from written work.

Below is the image that depicts our unique model of education.

Education model

Our goals

  • To facilitate quality education using unique teaching and learning models in socioeconomically disadvantages communities and other under served environments in India.
  • To establish long lasting relationships between the children and the society they live in.
  • To collaborate with other local and regional schools and to develop sustainable interrelationships that help our community and nation on a long run.

Curricular Framework


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