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Foundational philosophy

The goal of education, insofar as we assume that there is a specific goal, is that it prepares the individual for the future. Interestingly, it is impossible to prepare anyone for the future from a predetermined set of conditions when we do not know what the future is or will be. While this may seem glaringly obvious, we still take it for granted that the schooling or education we receive and impart is making this patently untrue assumption. The real education that we receive from such enterprises is incidental. All of our schooling should provide us with the experience with which we can come to understand ourselves, our strengths, our capabilities, and the cognition of when and how to use them to our advantage.

Adhya Academy makes a concerted effort to ensure that children from socioeconomically disadvantaged and challenged conditions gain the aforementioned cognition of their abilities and, to the extent possible, provide the children with the skills necessary to continue the process of such cognition for the rest of their lives.

Adhya Academy Team

  • Madhulika S., Ph.D.
    (Program Leader, Adhya Academy of Creativity and Learning; Program Co-ordinator, Science & Arts Education)
  • Jayanthi Varunan
    (Program Co-ordinator, Mathematics & Arts Education)

A team of volunteers and interns assist us whenever required.

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